Smart Home / Smart Room

Smart Home / Smart Room

Technology can be awesome when it behaves and it can be frustrating when it hiccups. Our goal is to make a solid and simple as possible solution for your wants and needs. We use platforms such as our Control4 product to act as the driver for your one room media haven or your entire homes ecosystem. A one remote smart solution is always key to a usable media space that just works when you want it to.

Get home from a long crazy day, sink into the couch, and push one button on the remote to unwind for a while in your own controlled world. That one button press can simply start the TV, surround sound, and Satellite, or much much more. Taking a smart home system to its limits and bending it to your desires is the point of having it. Start involving your background audio system, home lighting, your thermostat, window shades, and security system and the sky becomes the limit as to what you can dream of having the system do for you.

Something as simple as a driveway sensor can trigger a welcome home scene depending on the time of day. Say you get home at 5:30 and the house senses your car. You can have the system turn on the kitchen TV to the evening news, open all the shades, adjust the temperature, and turn the lights on in any hallways or rooms to a predetermined brightness. You can use that same driveway event so anytime after dusk your home turns on all the yard lights and the speakers chime in case you get home late or have an unexpected visitor overnight.

These systems are infinitely customizable and require a good plan and understanding of your desired experience with your homes technology. Core Audio & Video will guide you through realistic uses of this technology so you can see if they fit your lifestyle.