Light is a large part of our lives that we don't really think about until its inconvenient. Walking into an empty dark home late in the evening can be cold and uninviting. The bright sun mid day can be blinding while trying to work from home on your PC. Lights that can react to the time of day, your routine, or as a group are a great asset to make your home more cozy and inviting. Shades that can follow a daily routine to allow in morning sunlight to get you ready for your day then switch to a more filtered mode to block harsh mid day brightness are all things that can make your home work along with you. Systems can provide one button presses on a wall keypad to open large groups of shades and turn off lights at the same time or just the opposite and provide a private setting closing all the shades and turning on specific lights. All these options of course are available on a smart phone or tablet giving you flexible control. Quick one button touch keypads near the bed can give you an all off solution for your home as well as an all lights on solution giving you some peace of mind at night if you hear a noise that doesn't sound quite right.